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4 May 2022

Using the following models, advertisers can identify the value of various marketing channels and how to further optimize their marketing strategy. For them to do this, the first step is to understand what it is the other does, the tools they each work with, and how they can fit it all together. Attribution for PC games has traditionally been overlooked by games marketers, historically biasing towards brand spend instead of performance marketing. However, recent technological advancements by measurement partners such as Gamesight have unlocked the gaming market in recent years. AppsFlyer touts its privacy-first approach to attribution and offers a measurement suite, SKAdNetwork solution, and cost aggregation solution.

what is mobile attribution in partner marketing

If campaign A gets more instals than campaign B, this isn’t always a sign that campaign A will provide you with a better return on investment. This was the superior investment if more people from campaign B wind up completing in-app purchases – or perhaps land you some large ad whales. Knowing what constitutes success allows you to repeat your successes and increase your return on investment. Mobile phones are serving as one of the key communication gadgets and sources of entertainment. Marketers understand that they should follow the audience as it’s an infinite market for any business vertical.

What is mobile attribution?

By integrating Branch into all channels, you get accurate measurements that allow you to improve user experience. Base – With the basic plan, you get up to 1,500 monthly attributions, which is perfect for small mobile businesses and indie developers. Furthermore, it provides insight into which campaigns and channels perform the best and give you the best ROI.

what is mobile attribution in partner marketing

Singular houses a robust suite of tools – including mobile attribution solutions, marketing analytics, fraud prevention solutions, and ad monetization analysis. It also offers automation of data standardization and cost-and-ROI reporting. Firstly, you will need to weigh the pros and cons of each attribution model by asking yourself what marketing goals you want to achieve.

Time-decay attribution

Click Injection, Click Spam, SDK Spoofing, and fraudulent users are some of the most common ad fraud tactics . Every app vertical is vulnerable to fraud, but applications with a high cost per install are at a higher risk . Marketers should search for an attribution provider that safeguards against all of these fraud cases and provides enough tools to explain how their fraud prevention methods work.

what is mobile attribution in partner marketing

Two common types of multi-touch attribution include linear attribution and time-decay attribution, which will be explained in the following two sections. With DemandJump as your partner, you can be confident that you are always making the right marketing decisions for your business. Request a demo to understand more about using attribution methodology in your marketing campaigns that will optimize your marketing spend. With the right attribution tools, you can be confident you will make good marketing decisions that will give you the best ROI. Using multi-touch campaign best practices means you will always give credit to the touchpoint where credit is due. It is the most accurate way to track all of your marketing efforts back to revenue, aligning both your sales and marketing team objectives.

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When users opt-out, and choose not to be tracked, their IDFA is not visible anymore by advertisers, media sources and mobile measurement partners. Both the delay and the 6-bit system adopted by Skadnetwork for mobile attribution make the optimization for app install campaigns more difficult to achieve. To sum up, mobile attribution is a crucial and essential element in the mobile marketing ecosystem and at the same time it is a complex topic to discuss. Mobile attribution provides the framework for matching marketing actions to their app install campaigns and their respective media source. In this way advertisers can assess the performance of their advertising campaigns and marketing partners, compute their ROAS and optimize budget allocation. Mobile Measurement Partners deal with mobile attribution and use mainly two attribution models, last touch attribution and view-through attribution.

what is mobile attribution in partner marketing

Of course, it would be ideal for attribution data to be available a few hours after the install or on the next day at the latest. This also fails to give credit to the essential interactions that may have happened early in the customer’s journey. For example, if a customer were initially acquired through an organic search campaign but then converted through a paid search campaign, this model would give all the credit to the paid search campaign.

Android vs. iOS Mobile apps

This makes sense because the beginning and end are the most important. But you have to remember that this can mean some touchpoints are ignored. For example, if a customer does a lot of their research online but then buys something in a store, the store may not get any credit.

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Besides marketing attribution analysis services, Kochava also offers value-added services like A/B multivariate testing for marketing strategy experimentation. Also, you can easily increase app engagement by sending push notifications to your mobile app users through Kochava. Do you want to boost user engagements with your mobile app by delivering personalized ad campaigns? You can try Localytics, the next-generation mobile app marketing and analytics tool. Mobile ad campaign attribution discovers intriguing facts about your mobile app that drives users for installs, referrals, product purchases, service subscriptions, etc. Once you know what intrigues your users most, you can invest in that part of the mobile app to keep the customers engaged.



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