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19 Feb 2021

how to start an online bookkeeping business

You can gain certifications in bookkeeping itself as well as in the accounting software you plan to use to serve your clients. Whether you’ve been working as an accountant or bookkeeper for a private company, or just think that bookkeeping might be the career for you, bookkeeping is a business that you can run from your home. The challenge, of course, is finding enough clients to earn the type of salary that you need.

how to start an online bookkeeping business

Bear in mind that you may be able to skip this step as many states don’t require this. You’ll also need to register a name for your business. Once again, this process is state specific so you’ll need to see what the requirements are for where you live. Fortunately, this step is a lot easier than getting a general business license. Christine is a non-practicing attorney, freelance writer, and author. She has written legal and marketing content and communications for a wide range of law firms for more than 15 years. She has also written extensively on parenting and current events for the website Scary Mommy.

Five reasons to find a niche

You may find yourself working closely with their tax preparer and, together, you can provide outstanding service to your mutual clients. Even if you don’t have formal education in accounting or bookkeeping, you can become a certified bookkeeper before starting your own bookkeeping business. Unlike CPAs, these certifications are not regulated by the state, so be sure to choose a large, reputable organization so that the certification is meaningful and respected.

These items and any other items that we obtain from you will be based on information provided by you and will be used without any further verification or investigation on our part. We appreciate the opportunity of providing you with a proposal for Bookkeeping and Consulting Services. To ensure a complete understanding between us, this letter will describe the scope and limitations of the services we will provide for you. ________ will be the contact person for this engagement. A BOOKKEEPING BUSINESS is one of the examples of an online business you could start. The capital covers purchasing hardware equipment such, as a laptop, and subscribing to various bookkeeping-related software like QuickBooks.

Ready to become a virtual bookkeeper?

Sign up to receive more well-researched small business articles and topics in your inbox, personalized for you. Naming your business can be both a fun and stressful exercise. Your name must convey your brand since that is what a potential customer will see before they sit down with you for that initial consultation. Make sure your business name says exactly what you do. This is not the time to be cute, unless you can also be clear about what it is that you do. In pandemic time this is the best way to start a Bookkeeping Business in 2020. Also, you might want to follow my newsletter (/newsletter) as I’ll be releasing a course shortly on how to set your prices, which I’ll announce there.

how to start an online bookkeeping business

Come up with Marketing Techniques for promoting your brand. Your brand image is important because it affects everything from how customers perceive your services to how much revenue you generate. Hiring help will allow you to maintain more clients, generate more revenue, online bookkeeping and keep your customers happy. Start with your business page, ask friends and family to join, and then begin promoting the page. After that, it took ten more months to move the operation to an office and eight months on top of that to hire more employees.



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