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30 Mar 2021

Some people can be treated at home, but others may need supervised care in a hospital setting to avoid potentially dangerous complications such as seizures. Although the significance of kindling in alcohol withdrawal is debated, this phenomenon may be important in the selection of medications to treat withdrawal. If certain medications decrease the kindling effect, they may become preferred agents. One advantage of in-patient detox is that you will be away from your usual drinking triggers and therefore be less likely to pick up a drink to stop symptoms when they begin. You do not have to have reached a crisis point to check into detox.

If you live outside of Colorado or would like to travel for treatment, we also have facilities located in Ohio, Florida, New Jersey and Washington. While Ativan can be beneficial for treating alcohol withdrawal symptoms, there are also some potential risks involved. Ativan and other benzodiazepines are highly addictive, even when used correctly. Although Ativan is incredibly useful for the treatment of alcohol withdrawal, there are potential drawbacks as well. The biggest risk is that it has the potential for abuse and addiction.

What are the symptoms of alcohol withdrawal syndrome?

The most prescribed benzodiazepine is chlordiazepoxide, which is only available as a generic in the United States. Their job is to make sure that if you develop any worsening of symptoms, they get you to a hospital or call 911 immediately. If you need help finding a primary care doctor, then check out our FindCare tool here. Alcohol withdrawal syndrome is mediated by a variety of mechanisms. The brain maintains neurochemical balance through inhibitory and excitatory neurotransmitters. The main inhibitory neurotransmitter is γ-amino-butyric acid (GABA), which acts through the GABA-alpha (GABA-A) neuroreceptor.

  • Because of the severity and complications that can arise from AWS, it is important to be familiar with proper treatment.
  • Blood tests and imaging tests can show if organs, such as the liver, have been affected by a person’s intake of alcohol.
  • Since Ativan helps relieve alcohol withdrawal symptoms, it can help reduce the risk of relapse.
  • Alcohol detox and rehab are crucial to the recovery of anyone affected by alcoholism.

Withdrawal seizures are more common in patients who have a history of multiple episodes of detoxification. Minor withdrawal symptoms can occur while the patient still has a measurable blood alcohol level. These symptoms may include insomnia, mild anxiety, and tremulousness. Patients with alcoholic hallucinosis experience visual, auditory, or tactile hallucinations but otherwise have a clear sensorium.

Prevention of further drinking

The decision and process of getting sober from alcohol can be scary. Most people who drink, especially heavily, have a hard time quitting because alcohol withdrawal symptoms can be difficult to navigate. While most benzos will work in the same way to decrease alcohol withdrawal symptoms, Ativan is safer than most for people with liver disease. Ativan is also less likely to depress breathing than other benzos, making it a safer choice in general. It can also be used at a lower dose and for a shorter duration than other benzos.

Cure for Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms

Once such an encounter occurs, pharmacists have the opportunity to counsel these individuals on the disease and make a referral for treatment. If outpatient treatment is chosen, the patient should be assessed daily. Because close monitoring is not available in ambulatory treatment, a fixed-schedule regimen should be used. If you are a heavy or chronic drinker, it is important to get professional help to stop drinking. Your detox should be medically supervised in order to help minimize severe symptoms.

Who is at risk for alcohol withdrawal syndrome?

They may also do a blood test called a toxicology screen to measure the amount of alcohol in a person’s system. Blood tests and imaging tests can show if organs, such as the liver, have been affected by a person’s intake of alcohol. The doctor may ask for evidence that there has been a decrease in alcohol use after regular heavy use. Drastic changes in blood pressure and heart rate can also develop, which may lead to a stroke or heart attack. Repeated episodes of withdrawal and neuroexcitation results in a lowered seizure threshold as a result of kindling[2] predisposing to withdrawal seizures. If you decide to get treatment, your doctor can recommend the type of care that you need.



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