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19 Feb 2020

6 Best Online Marketplaces To Sell Your Products And Grow Your Business

You can sell handcrafted items, food, clothes, accessories, merchandise related to your blog or social media site, etc. There is limited information available online about how much it costs to sell on Overstock. Listing fees range from $0.10 to over $3, with additional fees for listing enhancements.

  • Gaining around 400 million visits each month, Etsy can be a great place to start if you are new to online selling sites.
  • However, starting your own online store is a far better long-term strategy than selling things on websites like eBay.
  • Many have also started a reseller business through the platform.
  • To avoid the confusion, use a tool like Sellbery to organize your listings and synchronize them across all selling platforms.
  • The benefits of selling and buying through wholesale marketplaces are clear.
  • Different marketplaces have different fulfillment policies, but this is the basic structure of how online marketplaces work with third-party sellers.

Buyers can access other business support services in Global Sources. Subsequently, when you choose to buy an item, you have to contact the supplier directly and arrange the purchase details. Made-In-China offers supplier audit reports and Secure Trading Services to help buyers trade safely.

Best Online Selling Platforms

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  • They give you a price, there’s no haggling with customers, writing listings, and so on.
  • The platform doesn’t charge for listing, but users will have to pay a Final Offer Value fee for each item sold.
  • You can sell anything on eBay, including both used and brand-new items.
  • Founded in 2016 with the aim of leveraging the online shopping experience for everyone, OnBuy soon became the most-trusted eCommerce platform in the UK.
  • Craigslist still is one of the best websites to sell stuff locally.
  • Note that there are additional charges for certain features, such as displaying listings on the front page.

If you prefer the simplicity of local sales, you can stick with local-only. Or, you can setup your listing for a wider reach and offer to ship. Chairish is one of the most popular online selling sites for interior designers to find new pieces. They can browse anything around the country and find exactly what they’re looking for. So, this is a great selling site if you have unique, vintage, or antique pieces of furniture and home decor to sell.

Pros and cons of selling on Shopify:

Alibaba is one of the largest B2B marketplaces in the world. Used by more than 60,000 brands, Faire enables retailers in Canada, the US, and Europe to sell products to wholesale partners. For a limited time, start selling online and enjoy 3 months of Shopify for $1/month on select plans—offer ends 08/25. The Posh Party feature allows sellers to submit their products to a thematic collection for a limited time. It’s an excellent way to promote items to a targeted audience without having to organize a discount sale. Poshmark charges fees for services like the handling of the financial transaction and customer support for buyers.

  • On this platform, you can sell your products in different categories such as food and beverages, pet, jewelry, fitness and yoga, and a lot more.
  • Wayfair is the hottest place to buy and sell furniture online.
  • The collection of products and brands on this marketplace is quite diverse and the prices are alluring.
  • This feature will automatically cross-sell a customer’s chosen product with other relevant items from your store to increase sales.
  • The ‘Top Shop Program’ makes it easy to identify leading suppliers.

Intuit Inc. does not warrant that the material contained herein will continue to be accurate nor that it is completely free of errors when published. Readers should verify statements before relying on them. Customers get accurate shipping costs.Squarespace can tell your customers how much it’ll cost to ship their purchases. Side by side desktop view of store builder shown alongside live mobile view of store.

It doesn’t matter if you are just trying to get rid of some old stuff or starting an eCommerce business. Nonetheless, Craigslist is an ideal website for people looking forward to selling their products by meeting in person. Despite several advantages, Craigslist involves a lot of risks. Positive customer experiences are no longer defined by the price or quality of a product.

Pros and Cons of Amazon

When you’re picking one or several top marketplaces to work with, pay attention to your product. If you can offer the best selling products online, you can enter virtually any international marketplace. Multichannel selling opens you up to a world of possibilities, but optimizing your listings and syncing your orders across multiple platforms can be a drag.

6 Best Online Marketplaces To Sell Your Products And Grow Your Business

Tech products tend to be in high demand during these times. In addition, the marketplace has at least 20 million active buyers, so you have a good chance of running a profitable enterprise. Expand your brand awareness by selling your products side-by-side with Walmart products. You only need approval, and you have the opportunity to trade on one of the world’s most trusted marketplace.

Whereas selling started out as designing a product and bringing it to market, learning more about customers means that the focus has flipped. Ecommerce is fast-paced, and you should be able to start selling as quickly as possible.

If done properly, selling on online marketplaces should be considered a complement – not a competition – to your online store. Starting an online business may seem like a challenging task at first, but it gives you full control over your own business and leverages your brand name better. Meanwhile, an eCommerce marketplace will give you access to a potential consumer group. One visible advantage of selling on an online marketplace is that you could get access to millions of new potential customers. As big marketplaces already possess their own customer base, you can run your business without the daunting task of promoting your brands and finding prospective buyers. This fastest-growing consignment marketplace is ideal for selling home decor items.


One of the best benefits of Instagram is that it allows you to tell your brand’s story with unique and engaging visual content. Ultimately, Instagram is a great platform to reach consumers at large. Maybe it’s because it’s owned by Facebook, or maybe it’s because it also has another 1 billion users. Through this, you can also provide shipping updates and other order notifications through the Facebook platform as well. If you need help with this, try working with our Facebook marketing company. Half of Facebook users visit the site several times per day. So in short, as a small business with a limited budget, put all of your eggs in 1 or 2 baskets max to start.

EBay’s best-selling products and categories include health and beauty products, video games, mobile phones and accessories, and home and garden. You don’t have to worry about customs, estimated delivery dates, taxes, international shipping costs, and other international sales considerations.

6 Best Online Marketplaces To Sell Your Products And Grow Your Business

Facebook makes it easy for users to purchase from your company through the social media platform. Alright, so that’s the criteria you need to keep in mind as you select the best social media platforms for your business.

No matter where you live in the world, eBay is probably serving that. These items are required to enable basic website functionality. We now see more and more audiences being built and nurtured – working out what to sell to them is coming afterwards. Google Shopping piggybacks on the success of the search function This isn’t a shop as such but piggybacks off of your own website. Displaying your products across the largest search engine in the world? Customers don’t have to pay immediately either, so the bidding aspect of eBay can be frustrating. You can navigate users as you wish to encourage them to buy more, increasing your online revenue.

Beautiful product images across your website.

Gives users full control over their websites, from organization to prices and sales. Squarespace also offers a variety of easy-to-use, customizable templates so that any business owner can create something beautiful and functional. Plus, you can track inventory and keep goods in a catalog, so they’re easy to market. And Squarespace integrates with other commerce platforms, so it’s easy to connect the dots. Wildberries is the largest online marketplace in Russia that currently offers products from 50,000 brands with more than 780,000 orders every day.

Made-in-China is a marketplace designed to connect B2B buyers with Chinese suppliers and distributors. Source everything from consumer electronics to beauty products—all listed at trade price to ensure healthy profit margins when reselling to customers. Casual sellers can benefit more from sites like Facebook Marketplace, where the setup is quick and easy. Users can choose whether to conduct business locally or online and pay a small fee for shipping and payments.

Platforms like Zyro and WooCommerce don’t charge any listing or commission fees. Your business name won’t be attached to a third-party marketplace, so it’ll be easier for customers to remember. What’s more, there is more freedom to modify the storefront design. If you’re interested, Zyro’s eCommerce plans start from $9.90/month.

Every online business owner should explore different online selling sites, regardless of whether you’re running a dropshipping store or selling custom products. Sometimes they can help new businesses get off the ground with a built-in audience of active buyers and marketing opportunities.

Best global online selling sites

Getting traffic to your website is hard, especially in the beginning. You need to pay attention to SEO, pay for ads, and plug your website everywhere you can.

6 Best Online Marketplaces To Sell Your Products And Grow Your Business

Connecting with your customers with tools like live chat is essential if you want to stand out and engage your buyers. Etsy is the best place to sell handmade items and personalized gifts online. If you want to open an online store to sell jewelry, clothes, or home decor accessories, it is the best choice. But if you want to run your business on eBay consider subscribing.

Let our software take care of the logistics while you make the best of these top e-commerce marketplaces. Walmart is a popular retail company that also has one of the biggest online marketplaces in the US. If you’re considering expanding your presence online and finding new customers, you can go through Walmart. On the plus side, Walmart doesn’t require the payment of regular subscription fees. You only need to pay a referral fee when someone buys your product. At the same time, Walmart is known for offering the lowest prices on the market.

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People outside Europe may have never heard of this marketplace before, but OTTO group is one of the world’s largest eCommerce companies. If you are looking for an eCommerce marketplace to sell home decor and furniture, Wayfair will be your excellent option to start with. This is the home of over 10,000 suppliers selling home goods with over 30 million active users.

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WorksLeader comes pre-loaded with beautiful and eye-catching online store templates that you can drag and drop to create an online store for your business. It also offers new-age marketing features like other eCommerce websites to help improve your product rankings, thereby resulting in increased sales. Mable is a B2B wholesale marketplace created for food and beverage brands. With a special focus on helping local brands thrive, you’re able to buy and sell inventory via the marketplace and support other store owners in local communities. Mable takes 12.5% commission on any new wholesale accounts.

EBay takes care of all this for you under its Global Shipping Program. Additionally, eBay adds all these details to your listing, so your international buyers know exactly what to expect. Access quality customers.Sellers gain access to a targeted customer base that’s logging 6 Best Online Marketplaces To Sell Your Products And Grow Your Business in to purchase items like yours. Etsy charges a minimal fee for each item listed and takes a small percentage for each transaction, plus a payment processing fee. And if you’re a business owner who appreciates fare stakes, Etsy keeps its rates uniform for all merchants.



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